We recognize that there are plenty of long term benefits of working out. And we know, for certain, once a Workout Princess begins to feel those benefits she becomes addicted! A Workout Princess is confident in her body because, she worked her A$$ off for it. We’re addicted to working out because it makes us feel like the princesses we are, with all eyes on us at the ball. But how do we motivate ourselves to take that first step? Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Reward Yourself

We saw you eyeing those shoes in the window. And we both know they would look incredible on you. So earn them! Set those shoes as a goal for yourself. Set a number of days you’d like to spend working out, and show up every single day. You can start smaller than pair of shoes. Don’t let yourself watch your weekly television show until you’ve gone on a jog. Treat yourself to your favorite candy bar at the end of a tough workout week. Treat yo’ self!

2. Sign A Pledge In Front of a Friend or Family Member

Get your friends and family involved! You have this incredible support system that is more than happy to help you achieve your goals. Take advantage of that. And who knows? Maybe you find a fellow #WorkoutPrincess along the way who has been looking for a partner to workout with?

3. Journal Your Experiences

You know that “I’m-on-top-of-the-world” feeling you get after you workout? You’re exhausted and hopefully sweaty, but you feel like maybe you’ve conquered a small country? Maybe an extremely large one? Write that feeling down. So next time you find yourself struggling to get to the gym, you have something to refer back to.

4. Abuse Your Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are awesome! And they come in every color (bonus!). Run to your local office supplies store and pick up a pad of sticky notes. Stick them everywhere! And write motivational quotes or reminders to yourself of your reward. Any and all things that you think you need to hear throughout the day to get yourself to workout!

5. Organize the Perfect Playlist

Because every princess needs to find her song! If you need inspiration, ask your favorite workout instructor what her playlist looks like. Usually they are more than happy to share their music with you. Because Workout Princesses support other Workout Princesses! Ask your friends about the music they workout to. Refer to Spotify for their “Discover Weekly” playlist. There is a world of music out there just waiting for you to tap into.

6. Buy Yourself a New Workout Outfit

Nothing gets me more excited to workout, then when I go and purchase myself a new workout outfit. Because now I get to wear it! I know I look good, now watch how hard I kick some serious A$$ in my near gear! Why let that money, and that hot outfit, go to waste? Let’s get to the gym, and show off a little. Check out some of our favorite motivational tees!

7. Set Your Intention

If there is a specific reason you are working out today, find your motivation in that! Always keep that at the front of your mind. Are you dedicating your workout to a specific person? Are you trying to lose a few extra pounds for your wedding dress? Are you a new mother looking to get back into shape for your kids? Do not forget why you started in the first place!

8. Set Small Achievable Goals

Though it is easy for us to look towards the end result (Ex. We want to lose 50 pounds), let’s start with something small. It is easy to get discouraged when after week 1 we’ve only lost 7 of those 50 pounds. But 7 pounds! That’s so exciting! Set yourself a small goal every week (Ex. I’m going to lose 7 pounds - GOAL ACHIEVED!). And if every week you are hitting your small goal, by the end of 2 months, you’ll have achieved your end result. Workout Princesses know to be patient because it’s going to take time and some serious hard work! Set small goals for yourself, and crush them every week.

9. Make It Convenient

We know it’s hard to find the motivation to workout. And if you need to find the motivation to drive ALL THE WAY to your workout class or to the gym or wherever you need to go, you’ll never get there! Make it so convenient, you cannot make an excuse for yourself. Go on a jog, download an ab workout you can do from home, sign up for a local gym that is much closer to your house or your work. Make it so easy! So you can get it done.

10. Make It Fun!

Workout Princesses come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of interests and passions. Find what gets you excited to work out, and do that! Do you absolutely hate running? Or do you have terrible knees? No problem! Because there is a workout out there for you. Do not settle for a workout you could not care less about, find a workout that is fun for you! Do you love stand up paddle boarding? Do you love acrobatic classes? What is it that you love? Go do it. Workout Princesses never settle.

Shoutout to all my Workout Princesses who are putting themselves out there! You’re killing it! And we know it! And we are here to continually support you every step of the way. Cheers to step one, deciding to commit. Now let’s go out there and crush it!

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