Inspired by her daughter, Dominique made a blog for herself, deciding to dedicate her energy to the life she knew she had always wanted to live. Dominique has struggled in the past with consistently remaining a positive light after a period of continually comparing herself to the person next to her. She has grown to recognize the power in self compassion and has chosen to celebrate the life she has been given to lead as an example for her daughter. She has grown into an inspiring example for other woman struggling with self comparison and finding confidence in themselves in her blog Selfish 364. We are excited to welcome Dominique into our #WorkoutPrincess family!

1. How did you discover your passion for writing about motherhood and living a positive lifestyle?

My passion came from after having my daughter in November 2015. Before her, I had this very undefined quest of fitness and health through the lens of my husband. Because he is a trainer, I fell in line to doing what he did because I thought we could be this power fitness couple. All along, I did not realize that it was not my passion to own a gym and sell supplements. After having my daughter, the fuzz I once had, became crystal clear. I dropped the dream that my husband had and took on finding what it was that made me happy. I had to identify my purpose. I began blogging full time and by doing so, I am helping women who relate to me, find their passion, better their health, and light that spark again. The difference I realized is that my purpose is not for me, it is for other people. Helping, guiding, leading, those are purposes. Remember that your purpose and what you have to do to make a living may be two completely different things.

2. How did you come up with the name "Selfish 364"?

Funny to ask that, because I have had several people ask me why did I name my blog selfish364. For two years in my relationship I was completely lost. I talk about it mostly on my blog, but I was so lost that I began to have very bad nightmares that stirred up my depression. I had been bullied it felt like in my relationship by being called names that were very disturbing to hear, and one name that crushed me was being called selfish. I kept asking myself how the hell could I be selfish? I cook for my family, I clean the house, I take care of my baby at all times, I never put myself first nor my needs. My hair needs  fixing, I am in great need for a pedicure so I could not understand what it meant to be told all the time that I was selfish. So it got so powerful in my life, that I began to use that negative energy to turn it into something powerful and positive. I knew deep down that I was not selfish, that I had made the false reality of someone else become my own. I titled my blog selfish and used 364 to symbolize the amount of days within a year that yes, sometimes in life it is okay for a girl to be selfish. Selfish of her heart, love, and well being because no one else will value you, if you do not take care of yourself first. The 365th day is given to everyone else, but those 364 days are all mine.

3. What do you think it means to be a #bosslady?

To be a bosslady means being in charge of your life and working hard to get exactly what you want because you put in the work to get it. Being a boss does not come easy or overnight. It took me countless hours studying for my Masters, tears of failures and triumphs, and being pregnant alone to transform my mindset and fight hard to succeed.

4. Where did your journey with Selfish 364 begin?

My journey with Selfish364 began as stated before, my relationship was the catalyst. The drive came from within to transform the false truth and really realize the facts. I knew I was not selfish, but it had embodied me so I used the ammunition to fuel my desire to be somebody more powerful and strong. I used that energy to showcase my talent and help other women who were once in my shoes.

5.What does it mean to you to be successful?

Some people would think success means making lots of money, driving a fancy car, or living in a big house. For me success is knowing that through every fall, I was able to get up win. I graduated from a top University, predominantly white, after being told I would fail. At one point, I was, but I worked hard to prove those wrong. When I graduated and got a job with the government I was told that I was not smart enough to handle the job, and three years later I was the lead on two big programs. I was told I would not handle motherhood. Today, my daughter smiles at me and lets me know that I am doing an awesome job. The success comes from within knowing that no matter what difficulties follow, no matter what negative words or thoughts are said to you, getting up and rising high to prove those things wrong equals success.

6. What is one part of your daily routine you couldn't do without?

One part of my daily routine I could not live without is feeding my daughter and having playtime in the afternoons. She is my happy and safe haven. She makes my mood transform in the most incredible way if I am having a bad day.

7. What is one thing you do to treat yourself?

One thing I do to treat myself is I have a big pizza every Friday after work. I work hard as a mom, wife, friend, and I deserve to reward myself. We all should!

8. If there's one piece of advice you'd like to pass on to the women trying to pursue a similar career, what would it be?

To the women who are on their journey to being entrepreneurs, bloggers, business-women: it will be hard to get to the end. The falls hurt. They hurt like hell, but the rise is what makes it all worth it. In my Rihanna voice-- work work work work work work work. But have fun the entire ride.

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September 28, 2016

Aw, girl. Very powerful message! Keep up that positive thinking.


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