This is it!  You are ready, you are willing & you are 100% committed! You are finally in the right mindset to lose weight, adopt a healthier & more balanced lifestyle & you are willing to hit the gym & do the work to get some real results.  And you have gone out & picked yourself up some of the cutest gym wear . . . you go girl!  


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So where do you start? What’s the right program for you? What, if any, changes do you need to make to your eating & nutrition?  How much cardio do you need to do? What type of lifting program is going to give you those toned, shapely “short skirt” legs you desire?  How many days a week do you need to commit to all of this?  And most importantly, who is going to help & support you in this journey as well as keep you accountable & motivated?

Hiring a personal trainer can be a great first step in the right direction. A personal trainer will be able to help you get set up with a program that will allow you to meet your specific health & fitness goals, as well as teach you how to properly & safely execute exercises. Finding and choosing a trainer can be a bit confusing & sometimes it can be downright intimidating. So here are a few things you may want to keep in mind when you start the process of choosing a personal trainer who is a great fit for you.


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#1.  Clarity & Awareness.  You need to be very clear about what your goals are & you also need to be very aware of your current health & fitness level.  Knowing where you are at gives you a very clear picture of what work you want to & need to do in order to get the results you want.  This is all meant to be positive, so when you are asking yourself these questions, give yourself credit for taking action to do something great for yourself & your overall wellness.


#2.  Do you also want nutrition coaching as part of your program?  If you do, then this becomes a very important element in the training credentials & experience you will be looking for in a personal trainer.

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#3.  Do you care whether your personal trainer is male or female?  This may seem rather silly to mention however, consider that your trainer at times, has to be well within your personal space in order to properly spot you.  If you are going to feel awkward with a male trainer being in your personal space, then you may want to limit your list of choices to female trainers.


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#4.  Ask around; do some research.  Find out what you can about personal trainers in your area.   Go & visit a couple gyms & ask to speak to the  manager.  They are the ones who do the hiring so they will be able to give you an idea of who they have on staff who could possibly be a good fit for you.  And don't be shy about talking to gym members & asking them their opinion.  

So now you have a short list of potential trainers.  Now what?  Well, get out there & "try before you buy!"  Most trainers, while affiliated with a specific gym, will probably have their own set schedule/ availability & program pricing.  Some of them may even offer one session free, to allow you the opportunity to work with them & see how you like their style.  Take advantage of this & go on a few "test drives."  

When you are out there personal trainer shopping, do not hesitate to ask them questions.  They will have plenty for you . . . how else are they going to know what your goals are?  So ask them about their training & certifications, ask them about their experience & if they have any specialities.  Ask them what they like most about their job!  Ask them what their strategies are for keeping you motivated on those days when you are really dragging your feet.  


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However, after reading all this, it really is simple.  A personal trainer should be educated and certified through a reputable fitness organization, so ask . . . you have every right to. It is your trainer’s job is to assess your current fitness level, work with you to create a program that will give you the results you want & to keep you motivated & on track throughout the process.  


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And one final mention . . . a genuine, committed personal trainer will push you past your comfort level in your sessions & this is something that can be very difficult to do on your own.


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