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Okay . . . so although we don’t like to spend hours of our time counting & calculating the exact caloric sum of every bite we eat, we do have a general idea of how many calories we are consuming & how much activity we’ve done our day. A GENERAL idea, which means we are aware of what & how much we are eating, as well as how much we are moving!

 You see, when we begin to weigh, measure & calculate all the calories that we are eating, it can take some of the joy out of eating. Oh, who are we kidding . . . it can take all the joy out of eating! When we start to look at calories in terms of an “allowance” or “reward/ punishment” they become the enemy. And once something becomes the enemy & you tell yourself, “I can’t have that,” it becomes the sole focus of all that you want. It is on your mind constantly & eventually you will find yourself locked in a closet, eating Skippy peanut butter right out of the jar.


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Now forgive us please, because we are very much aware that this does not apply to all of you & that counting calories does have its’ place in a healthy eating plan. However, that is another article entirely. What we are wanting to address here, is the misconceptions that exist about counting calories. If you remember anything from this article please let it be this statement . . . calories are NOT your enemy! They are essential to your survival because they are means by which we can track the amount of “food energy” we are consuming; they help your body in its’ ability to rebuild & repair because they feed your cells & they are the fuel that we run on. But here is the thing, not all calories are created equal (think ice cream vs fruit salad), & this is where some of us get a little misguided with our dieting strategy. Consuming too many calories, especially too many empty calories is not healthy, but so is not consuming enough calories. You cannot be on a calorie “deprivation” plan & expect it to work . . . it won’t . . . it will sabotage all your good intentions.


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So here is our humble suggestion. Try a realistic & user-friendly approach. Most of us know what is healthy food & what isn’t, so be sure you are including more of the healthy foods into your day; gradually cutting out the empty calories. And you do know the difference! Now add in some activity, at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. We guarantee you will begin to feel better & notice the results of eating clean & living lean!


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by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger




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