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Cleanses are an ever popular health choice among people looking to improve their lifestyle from a nutritional standpoint.  And for many different reasons.  Some people like the idea of cleansing after the holidays where they indulged more than normal & swayed from a routine of strict "clean eating."  Some people choose to cleanse after a holiday of eating a diet that is somewhat foreign to them.  Some will decide a cleanse is a great pro-active approach to help strengthen & nourish their body after being sick & on medication for prolonged periods of time.  But not matter what the reason . . . are cleanses necessary?  Do we need them?  Is there a better time to do one than not?  


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It's important to remember that our body is an amazing piece of equipment.  And it is equipped with everything it needs to do the job of keeping what is good for our growth & sustaining our best health as well as eliminating & filtering out what is not good for us.  It may not happen at a speed that we are always happy about BUT . . . it does an amazing job at doing it's job perfectly!


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Is it also true that sometimes the choices we make can affect those process? Well, sure . . . certain choices we make & some of the foods we choose to do eat & the quantities we consume may slow these process, may make them rather uncomfortable or unpleasant & may also cause some other symptoms of poor lifestyle choices to pop up.  However, at the end of the day our body knows exactly what to do.


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So does this mean that cleanses are useless & a waste of time?  Well we certainly aren't saying that.  Doing a cleanse for what ever reason you feel you need to do it, is a personal choice.  If you are choosing to do a cleanse as a band-aid remedy to quick fix a lifetime of poor lifestyle choices, well you may be disappointed in the not so "lightening speed results."  If you are choosing to do a cleanse because you feel it's just something to recharge you or get you out of a nutritional slump or because it just "feels right" for you  . . . who are we to argue that?!  Making great choices for your health will always have a positive impact on your body & your quality of life.
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However, keep in mind that you have an amazing body & the better you look after it every day, the more optimally & more efficiently it is able to do all of it's jobs to keep you in the greatest of health.  Your body is equipped with all the necessary tools to cleanse it of what it does not need & what is harmful . . . so take care of yourself & make more of the right choices! 



by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Therapist, Lifestyle Blogger

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