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We can sit here all day & spit out an endless lists of facts & data that prove that exercise is good for your body.  Movement is good for you!  It's beneficial for your cardiovascular health, it's beneficial for mobility & keeping you limber, it's beneficial for bone health & it's beneficial for fat loss.  However, we can also found an unlimited amount of information on the psychological benefits of exercise.  Yes, exercise does your mind good & it doesn't require you to run a full marathon either!  Think about it . . . have you ever been feeling well, "meh," & you decide to step outside & take a walk.  The truth is that while your walk may not have solved or taken away whatever it was that was bothering you, you probably feel less "meh" than you did when you left!   So what is it exactly about exercise that helps us get into a better mindset?  Well, while there is plenty of ongoing research here are a few things we discovered in doing some of our own research on this topic.


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When it comes to exercise, what we do know that is that physical activity releases endorphins in the brain.  You know . . . the "feel good" chemicals that help us to feel happier, calmer even.   Exercise also serves as a distraction from the other things that may be clogging up your brain with heavy thoughts.  Consider this . . . while you are attempting to execute a new & more challenging yoga pose, there is a greater probability that your focus is more on that & less on the altercation you had with a co-worker that afternoon.   While you are moving your body, whether it's yoga or zumba, there are all kinds of brain activity going on that promotes a state of mental well being. 


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If you are still finding it a challenge to set your mind free from "adulting" & get into a more relaxed state try adding in a few elements yourself that require you to be more present on what you are doing right in that moment.  What we mean is this, take for example that you decide you want to do some jogging because it is an activity you enjoy more than say spin class.  So you head out for your jog only to find yourself 15 minutes later wondering how you got "here," & what did you see along the way; it's all blank because your focus was on your income tax statement.  How about when heading out for your jog you force your mind to focus on things like your breathing, or your feet hitting the ground beneath you of how the running is creating a warming sensation in your leg muscles.  Something to shift your minds focus to what you are doing in that exact moment.  We are not saying that this will somehow magically work 100% the first time you attempt it.  What we are saying is that our minds can be trained & with consistency & focused effort, we believe you can give yourself this mental break from the heaviness of daily life thinking to get completely lost in the joy of physical activity that will give you relief from stress & help your body relax.


Funny Workout Tank;
So . . . you need something else to focus on to help free your mind & the best benefit physically & psychologically from exercise?  Well how about focussing on how spectacular you look in one of our incredible tank tops, as you hit the gym, the trail or whatever class you are doing to "do your body good!"  Guess what . . . we are having a fantastic sale on tanks right now too!  Yup, there is something about looking good that also helps us to feel good & with tanks that can make you life as well as inspire you to put your best foot & self forward we say . . . GO FOR IT PRINCESSES!  


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by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger

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