Killin' It Tank & Yoga Pant;
So we aren't always dappled with stains from the mornings breakfast rush.  And yes, on many occasions we do manage to run a brush through our hair AND brush our teeth!  We often joke about what doesn't happen in a day, speaking specifically about our personal hygiene & appearance.  But for the most part we do manage to get ourselves put together more days than not.  We are Moms!  We are Moms & we do care about taking care of ourselves & putting our best face forward.
Get It Girl Graphic Legging;
This is not a vanity thing either.  This is simply a life thing.  Just because we have become Mothers does not mean we have given up completely on making the effort to take care of ourselves.  We may no longer have the same kind of uninterrupted bathroom time to "put our face on."  We may be juggling way more & therefore be working with a limited time frame.  We may have drastically scaled back back on our beauty routine.  And our entire collection of beauty items may be reduced to 3 . . . we do make an effort.  Why?  Well, we may have become Mothers but we are still women.  And what better way to teach our children that looking after yourself & making time time for yourself, even if it's limited, is important than to model that by our own behaviors & actions.
Mom Boss & Mini Boss Matching Tees;
This is not just about skincare & makeup either.  This is about us in a holistic sense. This is about taking care of our physical health, our spiritual health, our emotional health . . . all of it, because all of this is ALL of who we are.  If one thing slides than there is a ripple effect that resonates throughout us.  It doesn't mean that we will fall apart & break.  It does mean however, that we may not feel at our best & that can equate to us not BEING at our best.   Here is the thing . . . when we feel good, then what we see reflected back to us in the mirror & from others also feels good & it looks pretty damn good too.  Our perception of ourselves is greatly impacted by our health in it's entirety.  
Hot Mess Jersey Tank;
So while we may be rushing out the door balancing books, babies & bags, our hair is brushed . . . don't let the ponytail make you think otherwise!  We may not have a full face of expertly applied make up on but we do have rosy cheeks, lip gloss & mascara applied.  We may not be in designer jeans & the latest hip t-shirt BUT . . . we are absolutely rocking our yoga pants & burnout tank from The Workout Princess!  Yup . . . we are Fit . . . we are definitely Fabulous  . . . & we are undeniably Moms & undeniable loving it! 




by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Nutrition Therapist, Lifestyle Blogger

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