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So what is the connection between the food we eat & our moods?  Is there a connection even?  Or is this one of those questions that parallels "what came first, the chicken or the egg?"  Is it that certain foods we eat make us feel emotionally better or worse because something about their nutrient make-up holds some sort of magic formula to it's psychological effect on us?  Hmmmm . . . seems that we could be sitting her a very long time researching data & debating several arguments & well made points on the subject.  But lets take a step back & have a look at this in a more simple version.  Sound good?  

Funny workout Tank;

First of all food is awesome!  Let's face it . . . it is really, really yummy & there are some many things we can do with it to make it even yummier?  Second of all we need food.  We need food to survive because it is the fuel that our body requires in order to function & operate.  And finally, food is so abundantly available that other than our own moderation & discipline with our habits & behaviours around food, it is fairly limitless . . . which can sometimes result in a "run away!"  

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There is evidence to suggest that consuming too much sugar can effect our moods; we've all heard of, if not experienced, a sugar crash.  There is also evidence to support that overconsumption of certain nutrients can have a "mood effect" on people who have allergies or sensitivities to them.  And finally, not consuming enough to meet the daily requirements our body needs to function at peak performance, as well as consuming way too much to the point of feeling uncomfortable & bloated will likely have us feeling quite cranky.

So here is a thought.  What if we become really great at being better aware about what, if any, of the foods we eat have an impact on us.  And what if we become better at being aware of when we are hungry rather than when we are bored & not allowing ourselves to become STARVING before finally eating.   The food choices we make when we are "starving" versus when we are "getting hungry" can be very different; not to mention the amount we consume.  As well, when we eat out of boredom, we tend to choose those snack-type items that are usually less nutrient dense offering little real value as far as high quality calories!  Give it a try . . . "check in" with yourself though out the day & ask yourself these questions, "Am I hungry?"  Am I bored?"  What is the best food choice for me right now?"  This kind of awareness makes us better at really knowing our body, what it wants & what it "runs happy on!"  

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by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger

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