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How many of you have a belief system or concerns that lifting weights will make you big & bulky . . . will make you look like a man?  Well if you do have these concerns you are not alone as this has been a concern for many women, for a long time.  Why?  Well, we can't say with 100% accuracy why, however, we do have some thoughts on the issue.  You know how a lot of times it's the bad news, the sad stories, the fear & the not so "feel good" stuff that makes it's way into the headlines & into the media?  Well it seems that there are plenty of images out there that could definitely influence us into believing that focussing on weight lifting, as a primary source of our fitness, has the potential to make "bulky!"  After all, when men get serious about lifting, putting on muscle mass certainly seems to be a goal . . . so what about women?  We can't speak for all women & what their goals are if/ when they decide they want to include a lifting program as part of their regular fitness routine.  However, how about we talk about what some of the benefits of weight bearing exercises are for women & see if we can put to rest some of those fears about "if I lift heavy weights will I look like a dude?!"

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Did you know that the more lean muscle mass you have the more beneficial that is to helping you lose body fat?  Seriously!  And that doesn't mean you have to put on massive amounts of muscle & walk around looking like Shrek!  When you add lean muscle mass to your frame, your metabolism increases which means you burn more calories all day long.  For every pound of lean muscle you put on, you will burn between 35-50 extra calories a day . . . & that can really add up!

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If you are still afraid of "looking manly" we cannot stress the following enough . . . CHILL SISTER!  Look women have no where near the amount of testosterone that me do, therefore it's physically impossible for you to look like a man simply by going to the gym & lifting weights & increasing your overall strength.  What you will find though is that, combined with a great diet, you will become more defined & toned.  Your body will start to tighten up & you will notice a very athletic but still very feminine & beautiful shape becoming more pronounced.

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We have all heard & are familiar with the word "osteoporosis."  We can't do much to change the fact that we get older & with that our body will become at risk for certain age-related health issues & concerns.  However, while we can't do much to reverse aging we can do a hell of a lot to take the very best care of ourselves as possible & do everything within our power to decrease our risk of certain things.  Girls, as we get older we are at risk of losing bone density . . . but weight bearing exercises actually increases our bone density helping to keep us strong & at a much lower risk of broken bones & fractures.  So get out there & lift Princesses! 

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If you are someone who suffers with back pain, incorporating some weight training can provide huge benefits to your overall core strength which will greatly reduce back pain.  By increasing strength in your back, shoulders & core, you will gain better posture & better posture will help to reduce back pain.  

Truthfully princesses there are many, MANY benefits to adding a weight training program to your exercise routine.  This does not mean that you have to start training like you are going to enter an olympic lifting competition.  What we are saying is that weight bearing exercises are great for you & the benefits they provide for your health & strength are plenty & ladies, trust us . . . you will not look like a man because you pick up dumbbells 3 times a week to get your sweat on!  




by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger

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