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Are you someone who consistently stresses over counting & calculating the exact caloric sum of every bite of food you eat?   Do you beat yourself up for allowing yourself the slightest indulgence? What would it feel like to you, to not be so hard on yourself when it came to food? What would it feel like to be in a happy, healthy relationship with food that supported your health & fitness goals, without you feeling like you were being deprived of many of the things that you sincerely enjoy?   And hey . . . you are a Workout Princess . . . you embody “chutzpah” & the enjoyment of life!  You've got this!  Yes . . . you . . . do.  You are fabulous & you are committed to taking care of yourself & looking & feeling your best everyday.  Yeah, you are one strong woman!


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Yes, we all know that in order to shed unwanted pounds, you have to create a caloric deficit. However, that does not translate into starving yourself, or a lifetime diet that consists mainly of chicken, rice & broccoli. Yes, if you have specific health & fitness goals, & especially if your goals involve weight loss, you will need to be disciplined with your eating. But being disciplined does not equate to being “deprived.” 


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And what about exercise? Again yes!   Exercise is a key element in living a healthy lifestyle. Not only will exercise get your body into better physical condition, it will help you to feel better overall. But exercise should not be punishment for having a slice of pizza with your kids . . . well, unless of course we eat the whole damn pizza, lol!

Look being a Workout Princess you understand that creating & living a healthier life is all about balance & most importantly about being happy. Yes, we princesses work our butts off, but not because we feel we have to, we enjoy it because it allows us to enjoy a greater quality of life.  And the results of our work & commitment speak for themselves. We are not interested in punishing ourselves at the gym because of a cupcake, and we don’t have to. Heck no! We princesses are keeping it “all in check" & maintaining balance in our lives.  Moderation, discipline & a commitment to living in an optimal state of health & wellness . . . yeah that’s what we are about. THIS is a lifestyle. THIS feels good. THIS is our reward. Look at our faces! Do we look deprived & unhappy?!?!? No way . . . we are Workout Princesses & we ROCK!

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by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger



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