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Have you ever stopped & thought about what all you learned from your Mom.  What were the moments that, in the moment, passed by quickly but years later came back to you in an "aha" moment?  Yeah, those moments.  Those memories.  Those lessons.  Those "AHA's!"  And how many times have you ever said or thought to yourself . . . "I wish I had listened to Mom back then; she was right about this."  Pretty sure it's safe to say that many if not all of us have had those moments.  And in talking about this . . . how many times have you often looked at your own children & thought, "They clearly aren't hearing me now.  I wish they were but they aren't.  One day they may remember me saying this."  Again, it's probably a pretty fair bet that many, most & if not all of us who are Moms have had these thoughts.  It's part of our journey & it's part of our children's journey. 
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So what is it that we are teaching our children when we aren't talking?  What is it that we are doing day to day in our behaviours, interactions with others & the choices we make in how we live our lives & take care of our families, that is teaching by pure default?  What all are they taking in & processing in their observing us?  There is no doubt that while they may very well become incredibly skilled at tuning us out at times, they are constantly watching us & taking it all in.  If you are not sure about that, remind yourself of how many times you have either watched your child do something or say something & thought "my gosh is THAT what I sound like?!"  LOL!  Yup . . . we have a greater impact than we sometimes realize.  
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What about your Mom?  When is the last time you said "thanks Mom," for all the things that she taught you that in the moment you kind of shrugged off or turned a deaf ear to?  When is the last time you let your Mom know that you are grateful for all that she did teach you & in that, you recognize what a wonderful, strong woman she is?  Sure, Mom is not waiting to hear this from you, very much as you are not waiting on validation from your own children.  The job we do as Mothers is hard wired into us the minute we become Moms.  It just happens & we instantly see the world differently & behave a little differently because of this.  We do not do what we do to receive commendation.  We do what we do simply because WE ARE MOMS!  We cannot help it.  However, hearing "thank you, I appreciate you" is something that any Mom would love to hear.  Not because she is waiting for it but . . . because maybe Mom sometimes wonders, even though you are all grown up & raising a family of your own, if she did a good job.  Maybe.  How good would it feel to hear it from your own grown up child one day?  
So to ALL the Moms out there who did & who are doing the very best they know how with all that they have & a heart filled with unconditional love for their families . . . you are outstanding & yeah . . . you've done one hell of an amazing job! xo
by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Nutrition Therapist, Lifestyle Blogger

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