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Wanting to get into better shape & adopt healthier habits for a more balanced healthy life is awesome. It’s even better when you can get the whole family on board! When fitness becomes a family affair it feels less like exercise & more like playtimes. We are not suggesting giving up your own persona fitness time however, wouldn’t it be great fun to get our with your family & engage in active play that not only served as quality family time, but also excellent fitness time?! So what are some ways you can incorporate fitness into your family’s “fun time?” Well you came to the right place because we have put together a list of some great ideas to get you started.

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Weekends, for a lot of families tend to be a time set aside for getting chores done. That can mean yard work, washing & detailing vehicles, spring cleaning the house . . . the list goes on. Well, instead of thinking of it as work & feeling like you are nagging everyone to get their fare share completed, change it up a little to make it fun & increase the activity level. For example, yard work is a great way to get everyone out & moving. Have mini races to see who can get a garbage bag filled with leaves & to the curb the fastest! Or crank up some tunes in the vehicle while making it all shiny new looking & just watch how all of a sudden simply washing the car has become a “dance off!”


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Use what you already have. Are you one of those families that have a basketball hoop in the driveway that is “swished?” Do you have bikes sitting in the garage getting rusty? Do you own a baseball & some gloves that are . . . somewhere?   A Frisbee? A soccer ball? Maybe it’s time to do some digging & find what you have, dust it off & get the family outside for some fun & fitness.


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Make walking the family dog a family activity! This can’t happen every time the dog needs to be walked but surely 1-3 times a week in the early evenings you can rally the troops together to take sparky for his evening constitutional! And hey . . . if anyone complains, offer a “prize” for whom ever scoops the most poop!


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Check your local community calendar of events for fitness minded events, gatherings & fundraisers. Hardly a month goes by that most communities will not be holding some type of event in honor of raising awareness & funds to support a local or national cause. These are rarely focused on a specific level of fitness, unless you are entering a triathlon or some other skill competition, but are more about getting the community out & active in order to create awareness while having fun at the same time. And these are usually always “family friendly.”   So check out your community online & see what is going on. This is a fantastic way to get your family out together being active.



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Make it a priority & set a day/ time. We understand that the weeks get very busy with several schedules & responsibilities all trying to sync. So how about starting out with picking one day a week that is “Family Fitness Fun Night?” For example, every Wednesday after supper from 6-7 is family fitness time. And give everyone a chance each week to pick an activity that they want to do. This will get them involved ahead of time because they will be thinking about what they would like to do as a family. It’s another way to get everyone participating & generating some excitement about that day of the week.

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Okay ladies . . . rally your fabulous troop & lets get our families out there having fun & getting fit together.





by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger



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