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She is strong . . . she is fierce . . . she is love & grace . . . she is a warrior princess.  She is you . . . she is Mom Boss.  So please ladies, take a moment to acknowledge all that you are, all that you do & just how important you are in the lives of your family.   You know how to best look after them & juggle all the demands & you know when you to lay down the law when things are reaching the tipping point.  The bottom line is . . . you are the Mom . . . you are the Boss & you do it with the kind of love, commitment & strategic planning that only a Mom Boss can understand.  
Mom Boss Tee;
No, Mommin' ain't easy, but it is without question the most rewarding & greatest adventures of our lives.  What we learn about ourselves in the process of being Mothers is infinite & always pushing our boundaries of who we are & what more we want to be.  It is a selfless act that we never stop to think twice about.  Of course we put everyone else first . . . it's hard-wired into us & if it already weren't, we'd find the installation kit & have it put in.  We are not looking for validation.  We do not need praise.  We live for butterfly kisses, sticky finger hugs & cozy bedtime stories.  We hang on like hell to the magic of fairytales, unicorns & super heros because it helps us to remember what it was like to be playful, carefree & to believe that happiness is everywhere.  Especially in the most simple of things.   It reminds us of a time when we believed that dreams really can come true . . . & so often they still do.  
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No Mommin' aint easy  . . . & maybe the hardest part about it isn't so much the work we putting into raising strong, confident & fearless "little people."  Maybe the hardest part about it is that the time that they are our wide-eyed, daydreaming little bundles of questions, is just too damn short.  We cannot freeze-frame these moments & come back to them.  They are here now but they will pass.  Our little people grow up & start stretching their wings & pushing their own boundaries & living their own adventures.
 Yeah, maybe the hardest part about Mommin' is that the time when they look to us for everything that they need comes to an end & we have to be very happy in knowing that we raised wonderful men & women who may not necessarily NEED us like they once did .  . they very much WANT us in their lives to continue to laugh & maybe even sometimes get lost in the magic of daydreams.
Mommin Aint Easy Tee;
by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Therapist, Lifestyle Blogger

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