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How many of us have ever seen that Mother? You know the one I’m talking about . . . she’s all decked out in her colour coordinated running ensemble, pushing a stroller & she’s smiling! Hmmmmm . . . okay we are not passing any judgement here. The fact of the matter is, this is probably a woman who was interested in & likely was into running before having her children & she is just keeping up with something that she enjoys, that qualifies as “me time” & that makes her feel good. And let’s not forget all the mental benefits of getting out into the fresh air & getting exercise.











Now how many of us have seen or better yet BEEN that other Mother?! And yeah . . . ya’ll know what I’m talking about here too, right? Lol. We’ve started our family & we are telling ourselves that we need to do something to either get back into shape or to start to get into better shape, lose the baby weight, get some exercise, etc. Yup, she can look a little bit different. She might not look as coordinated & she may not be smiling but let’s give her props for taking action!


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Here’s the thing. There is likely no busier nor any greater a multi-tasker than that of “The Mom.” She is not only cook, launderer, maid, chauffeur, nurse & litigator, she is also our anchor, our center & the one who knows our heart space better than anyone. Let’s face it, she is where we lived for 9 months.

But here is something else about Moms . . . they need to take some time to look after themselves in order to best look after the rest of us. When Mom is feeling great, she is in the best place to be able to give 110% of what we need, we need it. So to all those Moms out there running, jogging, walking in an effort to clear their mind & keep their body’s moving, active & healthy we say “cheers!”

And here is something else & this is for all you Moms reading this. There is nothing, NOTHING wrong with wanting to get your “Princess” on when you are out & about getting your exercise.   There is nothing vain in wanting to look good & The Workout Princess definitely has what you need to not only fit your athletic needs but to have you looking & feeling awesome when doing it. 


Photo Courtesy of The Workout Princess

















A Mom on the run isn’t running away. She isn’t trying to escape. She isn’t wishing she were somewhere else. No. She is a Mom who understands & embraces how important she is to her family unit & in order to keep that family unit running, happy & healthy she needs to do all that for herself. Plus, she is also aware that there are little wee eyes always watching her & seeing the choices she is making for herself. And what better way to show our children just how important it is to value their own health & take care of their bodies, their minds & ultimately their spirit, then doing the very things & being the best example of that.


Mom on the run . . . yeah, you got this!


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