Hot Mess Tri Blend Tank;

How many times have any of us heard or even thought it ourselves . . . "lifting weights is going to make me big & bulky!"  Well the truth is this . . . "Balderdash!"  You know what will make you big & bulky?  Carrying around an excessive & unhealthy amount of body fat.  Yes!  And you know what else?  Adding muscle to your frame will actually help you in your effort to lose excess body fat.  You will have to work at it & create a caloric deficit but you know what else adding muscle to your frame will do?  It'll support a healthy metabolism, keep your bones strong & give you some sexy curves!  Oh heck yes sisters, muscles are where it's at.  
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By adding muscle to your frame you are adding what we call "lean mass."  Much different than "jiggle mass."  Lean mass is lean muscle & lean muscle is smooth, it has shape & will tighten things up.  No more jelly belly!  Hello taught tummy!  Of course this does not happen overnight & there is no magic formula.  The formula is simple however, it requires commitment, consistency & some will power too on those "challenging" days where all you want to do is stay in bed, not hit the gym & have pizza for breakfast.  Hey . . . we've all been there a time or two.
Tri Blend Workout Tank;
But really once you get into your groove & start seeing results it becomes easier & easier.   Yeah, nothing tastes as good as looking sexy feels right?!  You will be sore some days & if you decide to hire a personal trainer, it may very well be something of a love/ hate relationship at times.  But mostly one of love & gratitude.  You will have to consistently increase the intensity of your workouts & change things up to avoid plateaus or to push through them.  But adding muscle is sexy.  It's strong.  It's healthy.  And . . . it's where it's at ladies!
Beast Mode Workout Leggng;
Be proud of your muscles gals!  And let's see those shapely, feminine curves & hear a mighty roar from all our sexy, strong, powerful, muscular workout Princesses out there!  
Kilin' It Tri Blend Tank;
by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Nutrition Therapist, Lifestyle Blogger


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