Mama Bear Tank;

Have you ever found yourself the subject of the glares, "stare downs" & disapproving looks from others while standing in line at the grocery store, the bank, or just about anywhere, while you go about getting done what you need to amidst what is your own little circus of activity & chaos?!  You know what we are talking about here right?  You've finally got the grocery cart full, & likely a few extra items that you are not yet aware are in there, & you are just about to the finish line . . . aka your vehicle with everyone strapped in accounted for.  Then it happens.  The world tips ever so slightly off it's axis & your sweet wee ones now need everything from YOU & RIGHT NOW!  There is no waiting, there is no "you can have some grapes when we get home honey," .  . . there isn't even a "you can have a cookie as soon as Mommy pays for them sweetie."  NOPE!  It just isn't going to fly & even the most skilled of negotiators would find themselves hopelessly lost at any attempts to bring peace & order to what is happening right now.  Why?  Well probably because first of all we need to actually understand WHAT IS happening right now & sometimes there just is no answer to this other than "well what was working 5 minutes ago no longer is so . . . ?"  

Burnout Tank;

You also know what else right?  We don't really mind so much most of the time, & this is why.  These are our wonderful little monkeys.  The same ones that bring us a fist full of dandelions with great big smiles on their faces.  The same ones who wrap hands all sticky with peanut butter & jelly around our necks smothering us with hugs for no reason.  The same ones who come to us with their bruises, scratches & scrapes because WE are the only ones who can make it all better.  Yeah these monkeys whom for all their mischievous & sometimes hair pulling antics . . . we simply can not imagine life without.  Let's face it, life would not be nearly as adventurous & "laugh out loud fun" if at least once in your career as a Mom, you didn't open rummage through pockets right before doing a load of laundry to find . . . a tiny toad!  
Photo Courtesy Warlen G. Vasco;
We have come to not only accept, but embrace & love that our "Mom Life," is wildly unpredictable, often times rife with chaos & disorder, but also abundant with butterfly kisses, bedtime stories of magic & adventure AND . . . the kind of overwhelming love that other Moms, aka circus trainers lol, could only ever understand.  So sure, while there are many nights that we collapse into bed wondering how we got through the day at all with unbrushed hair & yesterdays spaghetti stained t-shirt, we also know that we wouldn't trade it for the world.  It's those "I love you Mom's" that make our circus the best place to live life every day!
Hot Mess Tank;

So bring on the disapproving stares, "tsk-tsk's" & the "back in my day" comments.  This IS our circus yes, these ARE our monkeys you betcha & we LOVE every glorious, crazy, wonderful, drive-you-nuts-but-wouldn't-have-it-any-other-way second of it!  Yup, long after the bedtime stories, hugs, kisses & "I love you" goodnights are done, we will be laying in bed wondering "what the heck was life even like before all this!?"  THIS is LIVING xo



by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Therapist, Lifestyle Blogger




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