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Though normally, what happens in Vegas, is supposed to stay in Vegas, we just have to let you in our on our most recent Vegas adventure.

The rest of the TWP team and I, headed out to Vegas in August for the WWD Magic Trade Show. It was the first time I had traveled to Vegas only to be too exhausted at the end of the day to get dressed up and hit the town. It was not your A-typical Vegas excursion for sure.

We were on our feet from the early morning through the afternoon. By the end of the day I just wasn’t sure how much longer my legs would be able to support my body weight before giving out. It was only a matter of time before they gave out all together.

But worth it? Worth the many blisters and the achy arms and legs and the temporary loss of vocals?

But of course.

The WWD Magic Trade Show was divided into different sections based on the specialty of the vender. There was a section dedicated to lingerie and bathing suits, a section for workout apparel, children’s apparel, for jewelry and accessories to name a few. Separate from those sections, MAGIC was divided into sections that were dependent on the step off the clothing process you were involved in. There was a section dedicated specifically to the companies that worked in production that was divided and categorized into the different countries companies had come from. There was a flurry of people traveling in and out of each section, always on the go, dressed to the 10’s.

Shoutout to all the women who spent the weekend in heels!

It gave me a completely different perspective into the clothing industry. It’s hard to wrap your head around all the different steps that go into the production of a single tank top. And here, in Vegas, you could see it all! Venders specializing in bedazzling or in temporary tattoos or in children’s suits. They truly had it ALL!

And wow! There are so many creative companies out there with the coolest visions for their brands!

After a long weekend of talking to clothing specialists from all over the world, we loaded the plane back to beautiful Denver, physically and mentally exhausted, but so excited for the future of The Workout Princess! We are now more excited than ever to share our upcoming Fall line with you all! As inspired by the WWD MAGIC Trade Show.

Coming soon. Stay tuned!   


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Meet the Team! From Left to Right: Nadia, Camille and Yael

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