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You want to get into better shape. You want to live a life of greater health & wellness. Yes, you really do but something always seems to get in the way. Or rather . . . there seems to be a somewhat daunting list of reasons to derail your well-intended plans & keep you from taking that first step & then staying the course. What is it that you are telling yourself that is keeping you from getting to the gym or taking a fitness class? What is that you have convinced yourself of, as being a good enough reason to keep you from doing what you know will benefit your level health & fitness?
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Here we are going to touch on just a few of the most common reasons & anxieties that a lot of women have, when it comes to taking the necessary to making the commitment to a lifestyle of fitness & better health.

 1. “I don’t have time.” Well none of us here are going to argue that you are, without question, a very busy woman. And like most women, you are probably juggling several tasks & responsibilities at once. But we want to remind you of something . . . somehow you have managed to fit a lot of things into your day & a lot of them are most likely for the benefit of others. So what are some of the things you can do to manage your time in such a way, that you can find 1 hour, even ½ hour, to take time for your own health & fitness?   A few things that come to mind to help you out are doing some prep work the night before; tasks like kids lunches, grocery lists, sorting laundry, supper prep. Many of the small things add up to creating some substantial time in your day for YOU!


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 2. “I lose my motivation.” Hey, we all suffer from lack of motivation at times but the best approach is to keep doing it . . . force yourself to grab your gym bag, put on your shoes & get yourself out the door. The hardest part is getting there but once you are, you know you are going to nail your work out & feel absolutely pumped that you did it!


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3.  “Gym memberships are too expensive.” Okay this is a valid point, however there are ways around this. For one, a lot of gyms typically have specials/ sales on their memberships at the start of a new year. They want to get you in the door to make good on your New Year’s Resolution & so to sweeten the deal they often drop their prices or offer a limited time, “try before you buy” option. So take advantage of that. Secondly, why do your fitness goals have to rely on joining a gym? There are plenty of great ways to get into shape that don’t require you to go to a gym. Take a look out your window . . . that is a great place to start! Put on some running shoes & go for a walk or a bike ride. Ask a friend to join you so that it feels less like exercise & more like “quality time with a friend.” Another way to not lose your motivation is to do things & join activities that you ENJOY. There is no perfect or right formula for getting yourself into better shape. The best thing you can do is to be consistent with your commitment & the best guarantee that you will do that is to do the things that you like!


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There may be other obstacles that come up, that’s life but let us ask you something. Would you break a promise to your children? Your husband? Your Mother? Definitely not! So what we are going to ask you is to do the following . . .
Make your health & wellbeing a priority in your life. Recognize that when you are in the best of physical, emotional & spiritual health, you are at your very best to look after everyone else around you. Soooooo . . . here is what we are asking you to do . . . make a promise to yourself! Make a promise to yourself to make your health a priority & to take the very best care of yourself. And we ask you to keep that promise to yourself, just like you would keep a promise to your children.
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by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger

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