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If you were an active workout princess prior to becoming pregnant, chances are you are going to continue some level of fitness during your pregnancy . .  of course always under the guidance & care of your Ob-Gyn.  If you were not someone who was active much pre-pregnancy & are now having thoughts that some level of physical fitness is a good idea, again we must say, ALWAYS discuss this with your primary care physician first.  Yes, physical fitness & the overall best health of the mother has a positive impact on pregnancy for several reasons, however, this is maybe not the best time to start training for a powerlifting meet, lol!  So how about we get our ducks, or rather ducklings in a row & discuss the pros of keeping up with or including exercise during your pregnancy for the benefits it has to offer.


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First of all, we cannot help but stress how once again exercise simply helps to reduce stress & anxiety levels.  So for that alone, 30 minutes of exercise daily such as yoga or a low impact aerobics class may be just the thing to help put your mind at ease with any pre-Mommy jitters you may be feeling.  And a less anxious Mommy-to-be makes for a happier baby!  If 30 minutes a day does not work into your schedule or just seems to be too much, aim for 30 minutes 3-5 days a week.  Just  make sure that whatever you are doing & however you are scheduling in your exercise regime, it is not causing you to feel stressed or like you are taking on another responsibility.


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Another benefit of exercise during pregnancy is that it can greatly reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.  While gestational diabetes is, in most cases, temporary doesn't it make sense to engage in activity that helps decrease your chances of developing it?  Seems to us the answer is simply, YES.

With pregnancy comes things like bloating, constipation, backache, sleeplessness.  Now you may not experience any of these, or you may experience all of them.  But what research has shown us, is that remaining or being physically active while pregnant can help to greatly reduce the intensity of these symptoms.  Again, this really comes down to taking the very best care of yourself.  If you are in great shape you tend to be able to sleep better, have less aches & pains & generally just feel better overall.  Now while it's true that during pregnancy, you may very well at times feel like an alien in your own body, & some symptoms cannot be avoided like . . . gaining weight, staying active can help to make you feel better than if you were not.  

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Here is some truth . . . for all our Mommies-to-Be . . . with pregnancy comes weight gain.  And you know what?  That is not all a bad thing.  Gaining weight means your baby is growing.  Your health care provider will monitor your weight gain & they are concerned that it is too high or too low they will sit down to discuss this with you.  However the bottom line is that healthy weight gain during pregnancy is . . . a healthy thing for your baby.  And yeah . . . being active during your pregnancy will help you to lose the extra post pregnancy weight.  

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So cheers to all our Workout Princess Mommy's . . . those who are & those who will be.  Be fit, be strong, be healthy & grow those beautiful, strong babies.  And hey . . . we've got the BEST shirts for our princess Moms!




by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger




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