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With so much going on around us, with all that we juggle day to day & week to week, with all the stuff that we fit into a day & tell ourselves "has got to get done," there is one thing that may often go unsaid . . . thank you.  Thank you Mom.  Thank you to the women who raised us to be able to handle & manage the crazy, wonderful lives we are living & loving & always working so hard to be better at.  Thank you to the women who raised us to be strong & confident in the decisions we are always faced with in order to  to make the best choices for our families.  Thank you to the women who taught us that it is okay to fall apart & step back from it all, for a moment,  to gather yourself together & then get right back into the game & never lose sight of the "why."   Thank you to the women who raised us to be confident & who taught us that kindness is not weakness.  Thank you to the women who raised us to believe in ourselves because they believed so strongly in us & all of our potential for greatness. 
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So today on Mother's Day "thank you to the women who raised us."  Thank you to the women who, while they may no longer be raising us, are without question walking along side of us while we now raise our own children to be all of these things & reminding us that we too will survive all the challenges that come along with it.  Thank you to the women who now walk along with us, ready to share their experiences & the advice that we may have turned a deaf ear to at one time or another, to remind us that we are not alone in this & that we are doing just fine.  Thank you to all those women.  Thank you to all those Moms, Grandmothers & all the extraordinary women who played an integral part in our lives in shaping the women we are today . . . the Mothers we are today.
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Thank you.  Such a simple statement but so very profound in how wonderful, how loved & how appreciated it can make another person feel.  And how often have we not said that?  How often have we just assumed that all these warrior women in our lives "just know" that we value & appreciate them & all that they have done.  The truth is they probably do.  A bigger truth however, may be that what it would do in terms of what they would feel from hearing those words is . . . priceless.  We may all be making the extra effort today to acknowledge & show our appreciation to our Moms today, but how wonderful, how much of a powerful, positive impact would it have to do a little more of that a little more often than a lot of us our doing right now?  Think about it.
Thank you Moms . . . for everything & probably so much that we don't even realize just yet . . . thank you xo.
by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Nutrition Therapist, Lifestyle Blogger

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