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If you are anticipating a blog all about coffee & the best kept secrets of American coffee culture, sorry . . . we're actually going to dig a little deeper than that, lol!  Not that a great cuppa joe isn't blog worthy.  But what we want to talk about here is the importance of our "coffee time with friends," & why we need that in our lives.  Sometimes it's meeting up somewhere to enjoy not only the company, but a change of environment to get us out of the house . . . or the vehicle for even 30 minutes.  Sometimes it's simple a phone conversation, while sitting at the kitchen counter with a hot cup of coffee in hand & sharing a moment with another Mom; another Mom who understands all of what you have to say.  It's our very own coffee club.  Yeah . . . these moments matter & we need them. Why?  Because sometimes these are the only moments that bring us back to our center . . . that bring us back to "I've got this!  I'm good!  I'm GREAT!"


 First Coffee/ First Milk Mom & Me Set;


Yes our families & the 24/7 shift of Motherhood fulfills us.  Yes, we cannot imagine our life any other way.  And yes . . . sometimes we need to pour our heart out, vent our frustrations to or simply just sit in the company of someone else who shares the same role as us, who "gets it" just because.  It doesn't mean that anything is wrong.  Heck, more often these little coffee club moments have way more to do with sharing all the wonderful, laughable & belly-laughing daily occurrences of #momlife!  And sometimes we just need to talk with & the only ones who can relate to what is going on with us are our Mom friends . . . & we don't always expect answers.  Nope . . . we just need to be able to say it to someone who's been there too.  And oftentimes we say what we need to, what we want & the just sit in silence.  Feeling a little better about doing our best but sometimes feeling like we may have missed the mark & knowing that right here in this moment with this person or these people . . . we aren't going to be judged or told what we "should've done."  Naw . . . we will be embraced & told, "Girl you are doing just fine!  Another cup?!"

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Yup, our mini coffee clubs are where we come together to share our victories, swap stories of how best to remove permanent marker from the duvet cover & our secrets for hiding healthy ingredients into the not so healthy things our children seem to love.  Yes, it is all about this & much more.  Sometimes though, it is about us.  It's about us & how we worry about whether or not we are doing a good enough job, whether or not we are arming our children with the life skills & common sense they will need to be productive & survive out there beyond the walls of our homes . . . whether or not they really know how much we love them & would move heaven & earth for them.  

 Killin' It Workout Tank;

Yeah . . . sometimes its just about us needing to hear that we are doing okay, even when we feel like we aren't.  Sometimes we just need to hear that we are doing a better job than we often give ourselves credit for.   This is why our coffee club matters so much. 




by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Nutrition Therapist, Lifestyle Blogger


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