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Okay, repeat the following,  "OHM so fit . . . OHM so healthy . . . OHM in balance." Lol . . . well it was worth a shot right?!  Okay seriously though, we are living in an age where health & wellness has embraced much more of a holistic perspective & therefore approach to achieving that.  Our wellbeing is no longer just about the food we eat & how many miles we run in a day or a week.  Our wellness factor is all inclusive, as we now recognize the important & very impactful elements of our mental & spiritual wellbeing as part of the whole equation in achieving an ultimate state of living in health & living in balance.  
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Having a fit & healthy body is fantastic.  However, a fit body without a fit & healthy mind is not really a complete package is it?!  To really & truly feel great, to feel well, to feel happy . . . it's important to look after all the pieces of who you are & you are so much more than just your physical body.  You are a soul, you are a personality, you are a heart, you are a Mother, you are a wife, you are a daughter, you are a sister, you are a Princess!  The bottom line is, you are a lot of things to a lot of people, so taking the best care of you, in the full capacity of who you are, is of tremendous importance.  You cannot possibly give 100% if you are functioning at much less than that & especially if you are not refuelling yourself everyday.
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So how do we refuel?  Yeah . . . good question because it's not like you all have copious amounts of time to devote to "me time."  We understand that.  However, we also feel very strongly that you matter . . . A LOT!  Therefore, making time to take care of you, to feed yourself well, to get plenty of rest, to exercise your body AND to make time for "mental health breaks" are very, very important.  So how do you fit it all in with everything else that you are juggling in life?  The first thing we are going to suggest is that you have got to see yourself as & remind yourself when needed, that you are a priority in your life.  Remind yourself often that only when you are in your best "space" are you able to keep up the rat race of your crazy, beautiful life!  Remind yourself that even if it's only 10 minutes to sit down & enjoy a cup of tea & simply breathe . . . well then that is what you will do because you deserve to take that time.  This is not being selfish, this is "self care."  And if we self care, it is a whole lot easier & we are a whole lot better at caring for others.  It also serves as a great example to those around us that looking after yourself is necessary & a good thing to do for YOU; for your health & wellness.  So be that example.  Be that example to your family, your friends & the people who you are looking after.   Be that example to the people you love & who you want to be in the best of health.   Our greatest teaching is in our own behaviours & how we choose to live our lives.
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So whether it's early morning walks, meditation, evening cups of tea or bedtime stories before getting after those 12 loads of laundry staring at you from the overflowing basket . . . make a promise to yourself to make time for yourself to STOP & just BE for a few minutes a day.  Make a promise to your family that you will make yourself a priority too, so that you can live a life of tremendous health, wellbeing & balance that will allow you to spend many, many happy years of looking after them.
by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger



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