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Lol!  Who can relate to that title?  We princesses are a very wonderful, funny little bunch & all of us here at The Workout Princess are willing to bet that most, if not all of us, have at some point experienced the whole, "UGH . . . I soooooo do not want to go to the gym today?"  Pssst, guess what?  It's okay!  No really . . . it is okay!
Well to be clear, it's okay as long as it does not become a pattern to the extent that you find yourself justifying all the reasons why you now only go to the gym or work out twice a week, which becomes 3 times a month, which becomes a handful of times a year.  So here is what we are suggesting.  Make sure that when you make a commitment to achieving your health & fitness goals, whether that is joining a gym for weight training and/ or classes, running, martial arts, whatever it is you choose, be sure that your reasons "why" are compelling.  Compelling & important enough to motivate you back into action, quickly!

Hey we know first hand that life can get very busy, very full & very overwhelming with all the obligations & "have to's" of life, family & career.  Making your health & your state of wellbeing a priority is paramount in your ability to continue being the time management, multi-tasking wizard that you are.  And honestly, how well can we look after everyone & everything else, if we continue to put ourselves last & not take care of ourselves?

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So here are just a few things to remind you of why it is important to have an outstanding "why," to support achieving an optimal state of health & wellness, & to keep you motivated to hit the gym, the track, the cycling trail or wherever it is you go, to do your body & your mind some good.  

#1.  You really have a compelling "Why!"  Why do you want to be in better shape? Why do you feel you are now ready to really dig deep & commit to a health & fitness routine?   Think bigger picture here, not simply "well I want to fit into a bikini for my holiday to Costa Rica."  Hey, there's nothing wrong with that being a goal, however it is short term because it does have an expiration date on it.  Its way more motivating & easier to sustain an exercise or fitness, regime when you are able to realize the other amazing benefits that it has to offer you.  For example . . . helping to reduce stress & anxiety, becoming stronger, increased cardiovascular health, an increase in the "happy chemicals" in your brain, setting a great example for your children.  When you have a great & compelling why, the how is a lot easier to figure out & make happen.

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#2. Being accountable is key & there is no greater accountability than having a workout buddy or someone who is going to help hold you accountable.  There is a saying somewhere about if you want to get something done, tell everyone around you what you are going to do, because it has a way of motivating you to take action & "get'er done!"  Having someone to workout with is a great way to force you out the door on a day when you are suffering a case of the "motivational blues!" 

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#3.  Set realistic goals.  There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like a hamster on a wheel; running, running, running but never really getting anywhere.  Be fair to yourself when setting health & fitness goals.  Make them challenging enough that you actually have to break a sweat & work at it; & trust us, it feels good when you feel like you've done something.  However, don't make them so far from where you are that you end up frustrated & feeling like you are not achieving anything . . . that will kill your motivation fast.  The great thing about setting realistic is that it is limitless in the potential is has to offer you.  Think about it, once you nail one goal, you set a new one . . . & then another . . . & another . . . get the picture here, lol!

#4.  Keep track of your progress.  There is really not much that is more satisfying then checking in with yourself after 3 weeks or so of consistent effort & seeing some changes & improvements.  It's usually just the thing to get you feeling like the workout princess you are & staying on track to living a more healthy lifestyle.  And don't allow yourself to become discouraged if/ when you don't see improvements . . . the great thing about this is that you can use these moments to make changes to your program. Remember this is a continuous & consistent process.  This is a lifestyle you are creating, & life is always changing & always in constant motion, so doesn't it make sense that your fitness program will need tweaking every once in a while? Atta Girl!

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And let's not forget to mention that walking into the gym, hitting the running trail or taking in a  spin class wearing the phenomenal workout wear from the Workout Princess, will have you feeling & looking absolutely fabulous right from the get go!  


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That's right you are a princess . . . own it Sisters! 



by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger 


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