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Are you feeling more tired than usual these days?  We aren't just talking about a few late nights of Netflix binging that has you keeping later hours than what is normal for you.  We are asking about a rather sudden, consistent & seemingly unexplainable fatigue that you feel is plaguing you.  The kind of fatigue where you really are struggling to get through your day, finding it hard to focus & if you did stop you know you'd probably sleep for hours.  The kind of fatigue that can be rather debilitating because with all that you have on your plate to manage, this kind of tiredness really makes all of that a heck of a challenge.  The kind of tired that is simply NOT you!  So what's up?!


Before we set off any alarm bells let's regroup.  First of all, has your schedule changed recently?  Is there a new life event, new job, an added stress to your life that is either keeping you from getting a good nights sleep or has you keeping longer hours than what you are used to?  Life can change & it can change quickly.  A lot of time changes are AWESOME however even in their awesomeness they can mess with our schedule, occupy a lot of time in our thoughts & all this can add up to us not getting enough sleep.  A few days/ weeks of this and . . . "hellooooo zombie land!"


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Our next question is how active are you?  Has your commitment to keeping a regular fitness regime taking a back seat to life right now?  Or is your current lifestyle more towards "sedentary?"  Look, if you are getting plenty of rest, eating well & have no health issues, then maybe introducing some exercise, even 30 mins 3-4 times a week, is all that's needed to make a huge difference.  

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While we are talking about the things you do & the choices you make to look after yourself, how is your diet?  A poor diet, that includes not eating nutritionally dense foods as well as just not eating enough or at all, will have an impact on your quality of sleep.  So will dehydration!  So how is all that?  Maybe you need to check in with your dietary habits & reassess.  You might need to start eating more, you might need to get back on track with eating more regularly or maybe, because of a change in your life you actually need to make some tweaks to your current diet.  So time for some awareness here & taking a close look at that element of your lifestyle & make necessary changes to get you back on track & sleeping better.


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If there really is no reason, that you can pinpoint, as to why you are not able to get a good night's sleep than it's a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor.  He may decide that a blood workup is in order to check things like iron levels, thyroid function, etc.  We do want to stress however, to not go into panic mode.  Not getting a proper sleep is no fun at all & add that up over time & you will end up hitting a wall.  Sometimes there is a very easily remedied issue but it requires a doctor's visit to get to the bottom of it.  So take a deep breath & know that there is help for you in getting some rest.  

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Take a personal inventory . . . take a step back & look at what is new, different or changed in your life recently . . . how is your diet . . . have you become buried under a lot more stress lately . . . have you been neglecting your physical fitness . . . ?  There are many reasons why our sleep can be affected.  And if you feel like your life is in order & you are taking the best care of yourself possible, then go in & talk with your primary care physician.  Just promise us you won't go on suffering, sleepless & all zombie-like.  There is help . . . ask for it, get to the bottom of it & get some sleep.




by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger





































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