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Yeah . . . you know who you are! You are a Queen, you are the Boss, you are a Warrior. You are a lot of other things too . . . Mom, wife, nurse, counsellor, chef, chauffeur, friend & many days you are simple exhausted. It is a never-ending list of roles, titles & responsibilities & we applaud all of you. Every day is a lesson in time management, patience & executing several tasks, sometimes without a plan, yet with tremendous faith that by the end of the day all that had to be done will get done.  Chances are you accomplished a lot more than that, though you would rarely ever say so.  So please take a bow ladies, because you have well earned it.



Boss Lady Legging Pants; www.theworkoutprincess.com
Come to think of it, how on earth do you manage it all? Do you ever take a moment to ask yourself the same question? Do you ever stop & give yourself a pat on the back for a job, excuse us, for JOBS well done?!   We can all too often be incredibly hard on ourselves & be our own worst critics. Here at The Workout Princess we believe all women are “Queens,” & that you should be celebrated for who you are & all that you do. And to help you celebrate & show off your fierce inner fire, we are launching a sensational new line of leggings & yoga pants that let you wear your power beautifully! 


Mom Life Workout Leggings; www.theworkoutprincess.com


And how lucky are we that today’s workout wear is not just for the gym! How lucky are we that we can get up & pull on an outfit that takes us from school drop off, to the grocery store & then to Zumba class! How awesome is it that after we come home & take a quick shower & clean up, it's only appropriate to find another street-worthy workout outfit to put on again?!   Yeah . . . this is our style & it works because we are working it girls!  Who says that comfortable is not fashionable? Heck with these leggings & yoga pants, not only are you leaving the house in style, but you are also wearing messages of motivation & inspiration!  Now that is something pretty spectacular, not to mention empowering, wouldn't you agree?



Beast Mode Yoga Pant; www.theworkoutprincess.com


Be proud of all the many hats you wear on any given day & take a moment to look in the mirror & tell yourself, “I Rock,” because you do. You may be a Mom, you may be an entrepreneur, you may be a grad student, you may be a school teacher, a lawyer, a nurse, an Aunt, or the lovely woman helping me find the last pair of fairy wings in stock for my daughter’s Halloween costume. Whatever it is you do & whatever role or title you identify with please remember this . . . you are strong, you are beautiful, you are a Queen. Be proud of who you are, always.

Photo courtesy Dave Contreras; www.unsplash.com





by Tonya Fines . . . Mum, Wife, Nutrition Counsellor, Lifestyle Blogger 





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